Nail Art

9 Mar

Spinning for over 200 repins

Described as “nail art”

Pinterest Fact: pinterest uses the term “art” very loosely

how will she ever be able to get all the ketchup out from under her nails after dipping that art into an order of fries



Leprechaun Lunch

9 Mar

Spinning for 2 days

Described as “Leprechaun shaped veggies for St. Patrick’s Day”

Pinterest fact:  As long as it can be arranged to make a picture, pinners will eat the most random assortment of foods together (like peppers, peas and waffle fries).

sorry kid, this leprechaun does not mean good luck for you.  it means that your mom’s totally cool with feeding you 7 waffle fries and 5 peas for lunch.  i totally get why your generation will grow up hating pinterest.

Soda Bottle Sprinkler

7 Mar

Spinning for 90 repins

Described as “Soda bottle as sprinkler – smart idea!”

Pinterest fact:  some pinners are unwilling to spend $5 on a store bought product if they can find a way to hand make a crappy version of it on pinterest

forget the wiggling sprinklers, super soakers and slip n slides – all the kids in the neighborhood flock to the house with the duck taped sprite bottle on the water hose.  it’s usually the same yard with the mom on the porch in curlers.

Fancy Ketchup

2 Mar

Spinning for 6 repins

Described as “Sterling Silver Ketchup Sleeve”

Pinterest fact:  there is apparently also a sterling silver tabasco sauce sleeve incase you’re interested

perfect way to dress up your ketchup for a fancy dinner party.  you know, the kind of fancy dinner party that requires ketchup.

Jean Purse

28 Feb

Spinning for 50 repins

Described as “If only I could sew”

Pinterest fact:  One commenter provided an email address for her grandmother who makes and sells these while another commenter mentioned that her 6 year old made one at camp.

rule of thumb:  if grandmothers and 6 year olds are the experts on the project you’re eyeing, then maybe you should try another project.

i’d like to just quote one pinner who said “it’s got everything! red and denim! woop woop!”  woop, woop indeed.

Super Bowl Platter

27 Feb

Spinning for 9 repins

Described as “The Ultimate Super Bowl Party Planner “

Pinterest Fact: This is a service announcement from the pinterest spell check police: It’s not spelled Planner, it’s a Platter

Found on a lead from my dear friend Rozie

i know the super bowl has come and gone but this stadium of deli is still standing.  omg, that’s a wall of meat, a WALL OF MEAT

Potato Palm

24 Feb

Spinning for 30 repins

Described as “Veggie Palm: potato, carrot, and green bell pepper”

Pinterest fact: this was pinned to one board called “Just Kewl”

i’m not sure what is happening here and why 30 people on pinterest are telling me that i’m supposed to eat this at a party and call it “kewl,” no my friends this isn’t just kewl, its FOOD ART

at least that’s what my coworker called it, art

Cleaning Supplies Gift

22 Feb

Spinning for 2 days

Described as “gift for the person who has everything”

Pinterest fact:  this is the worst gift idea on pinterest

here’s a little pop quiz:  the person who recieves this will    a) assume you think they are dirty  b) cry when they realize it’s not a gag gift with something awesome hidden in the bottom of the bucket  c) punch you in the face  d) all of the above.  i think we all know the answer.

Tampon Lights

16 Feb

Spinning for 1 day

Described as “Tampon holiday light decorations!”

Pinterest fact*:  One pinner pinned this off of our “D.I.Why?” board to her “Crafty-kins” board.

this is the one situation where i am firmly against red holiday lights


*one pinner had this pinned to her “March 2012 Sister Supplies Board” – a board promoting a donation drive that provides feminine hygiene products to women who would otherwise not be able to afford them.  it’s a pretty cool idea – i never even thought about the fact that some people have to go without these.  for more information about the drive click here, or to follow this board and her other charity driven boards on pinterest click here.


Members Only Sock

14 Feb

Spinning for 21 repins

Described as “Jeny’s Surprisingly stretchy bind off”

Pinterest fact:  Pinterest can teach you how to make socks for all kinds of …ahem…things.

what a special valentine’s gift – keeping him warm and cozy in all the right places

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