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People Are Weird

30 Dec

Spinning for 263 pins and 9 followers

Pinterest fact:  this board is all about doll wigs. 

Spinning for 22 pins and 105 followers

Pinterest fact:  this board is all about unicorn artwork

submitted by Pin the Tailest reader Rozie

Spinning for 9 pins and only 2 followers (thank goodness.)

Pinterest fact:  this board is devoted to, you guessed it, unibrows.

my pinterest learnings:  some people are weird, some people are creepy, and some people should be under constant federal surveillance  (i’m talking about you, unibrow guy.)


DIY Butter

29 Dec

Spinning for 19 weeks

Described as “how to make your own butter”

Pinterest fact:  these ingredients cost more than actual grocery store butter.

listen people, packaged butter is already pretty freakin’ fantastic.  your’s isn’t going to be better.  so just save yourself some time and find something else on pinterest to do.  i’m sure there’s something in your house that hasn’t been modge podged yet.

Wedding Entrance

28 Dec

Spinning for 2 weeks

Described as “wedding entrance”

Pinterest fact:  this originally appeared on a website for bah mitzvah ideas until an adult woman saw it and thought it was a great wedding idea

just the trick to looking extra beautiful on your special day – laying in the fetal position in a non ventilated giant shell shaped bean bag in the back of the church until everyone has arrived. 

Dream Drawers

28 Dec

Spinning for 42 repins

Described as “drawers UNDER the cabinets!”

Pinterest fact:  this went onto someone’s “Dream Home” board

ahhhh!  drawers UNDER the cabinets!!!  why have builders never thought of this before?  it couldn’t be because it’s the most inconvenient location possible for drawers and forces you to practically sit on the floor anytime you need to search through it, could it?  nah, it’s just another genius idea from pinterest.

Crying Jesus

27 Dec

Spinning for 1 day

Described as “Crying Baby Jesus'”

Pinterest fact:  This was found on one pinner’s “Gift Ideas” board

whoa.  i bet baby jesus wasn’t the only one crying when this present was opened.

Real Problems

26 Dec

Spinning for weeks on end by whiny pinners

Described as “curly hair problems”

Pinterest fact:  If you want to be a whiny pinner, too, but don’t have curly hair, there are also boards like this for short girls, white girls, black girls, tall girls, fat people, and canadians.  I’m sure there are more, those are just a few I found.

starving in a tiny village.  your house burning down.  driving all the way to which wich only to get back to work and discover you were given the wrong sandwich.  those, my friends, are problems.  picture day with curly hair?  not a real problem. 

Merry Christmas

25 Dec

Merry Christmas from Pin the Tailest!

may you have a very pinteresty christmas…

DIY Glitter

24 Dec

Spinning for 90+ repins

Described as “make your own glitter”

Pinterest fact:  glitter is on sale in any color anywhere in the world for 99 cents.

if buying salt, food coloring and aluminum foil and then making your own glitter is really saving you time and money, then you’re using entirely too much glitter for a grown up.

Another Bra Purse

23 Dec

Spinning for 35 weeks

Described as “its a bra purse!”

Pinterest fact: using the actual bra straps and padding help keep the purse “bra looking” 

just in case you need any last minute gift ideas that you can pull out of the back of your underwear drawer



23 Dec

Spinning for 25 weeks in a variety of DIY tutorials

Described as “Chapstick”

Pinterest fact: one pinner pinned this to her “Mexico Destination Wedding” board

i’m worried that if she finishes a whole tube of chapstick that she made herself while at her wedding on the beach in mexico, her head is going to explode and ruin that dream dress she also found on pinterest

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