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Nail Art

9 Mar

Spinning for over 200 repins

Described as “nail art”

Pinterest Fact: pinterest uses the term “art” very loosely

how will she ever be able to get all the ketchup out from under her nails after dipping that art into an order of fries



Super Bowl Platter

27 Feb

Spinning for 9 repins

Described as “The Ultimate Super Bowl Party Planner “

Pinterest Fact: This is a service announcement from the pinterest spell check police: It’s not spelled Planner, it’s a Platter

Found on a lead from my dear friend Rozie

i know the super bowl has come and gone but this stadium of deli is still standing.  omg, that’s a wall of meat, a WALL OF MEAT

Potato Palm

24 Feb

Spinning for 30 repins

Described as “Veggie Palm: potato, carrot, and green bell pepper”

Pinterest fact: this was pinned to one board called “Just Kewl”

i’m not sure what is happening here and why 30 people on pinterest are telling me that i’m supposed to eat this at a party and call it “kewl,” no my friends this isn’t just kewl, its FOOD ART

at least that’s what my coworker called it, art

Mini Muffins

13 Feb

Spinning for over 372 repins and counting

Described as Mini Corn Dog Muffins

Pinterest Fact: pinned to boards like “yummy” and “for the boys”

is it just us, or does this picture look………weird? boobs. nipples. that other thing.  look away mini muffin, look away.

Flower Pups

6 Feb

Spinning for about a day and 10 repins

Spinning for 3 repins

Pinterest Fact: people like cute things made out of more cute things to look cute

nothing says i’m thinking about you like a gift basket of flowers…that look like a dog that got its face blown off

Knit Womb

6 Feb

Spinning for 2 days

Described as “doesnt every girl need a knitted womb”

Pinterest Fact: the perfect shade of pink yarn was selected for this project

Submitted by the great BobbyeJo

perfect girls night craft, am i right? nothing says fun like knitting, and nothing says girls night like a uterus

Fabric Mousepad

31 Jan

Spinning for 6 repins

Described as “I do need a mousepad”

Pinterest Fact: thankfully this mousepad requires Modge Podge to make it

ya, I need a mousepad too, for when i jump in my delorean, hit 88 mph and go back a decade

Glitter Toilet

27 Jan

Spinning for over 5000 repins, 5000!

Described as “I want one!, ” “glitter shitter,” “potty like a rock star,” “is this in the cullens bathroom,” “i own one and love it,” and the most important question “was this handmade or bought”

Pinterest fact: pinterest girls love glitter on EVERYTHING

great, now I’ll have to spend the rest of the day searching pinterest for the tutorial on how I can make this at home with my own DIY glitter and modge podge recipe

Turtle Burger

18 Jan

Spinning for 9 weeks and over 50 repins

Described as redneck turtle burgers

Pinterest Fact: pinned to an “almost too pretty to eat, almost” board 

Submitted by my fab sis n’law Heather

dadgumit that there is the perttiest bacon wrapped cheddar ground patty hand slit hot dog fingers with a  turtle head i ever did seen, almost.  lets eat. lets puke.

Hanky Panky

13 Jan

Spinning for about an hour

Described as “great underwear made from hanky”

Pinterest Fact: people are really into dolls

yup, its underwear for a doll.  made from a handkerchief.  a doll wearing underwear made from a handkerchief photographed in a pose. it’s a doll wearing handmade underwear. made from a handkerchief. underwear for a doll. doll underwear. what is happening?!?

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