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Leprechaun Lunch

9 Mar

Spinning for 2 days

Described as “Leprechaun shaped veggies for St. Patrick’s Day”

Pinterest fact:  As long as it can be arranged to make a picture, pinners will eat the most random assortment of foods together (like peppers, peas and waffle fries).

sorry kid, this leprechaun does not mean good luck for you.  it means that your mom’s totally cool with feeding you 7 waffle fries and 5 peas for lunch.  i totally get why your generation will grow up hating pinterest.


French Fry Lip Balm

7 Feb

Spinning for 10 repins

Described as “French fry lipbalm #lips #yummy”

Pinterest fact:  These pinner’s significant others are the next contestants on The Biggest Loser.

use this with caution.  i’ve been on a diet for a while and might eat some one’s face if it smelled like french fries.  i can’t be the only one.

Don’t Mess With My Ice Cream

3 Feb

Spinning for 8 days

Described as “lce Cream Potatoes… looks like potatoes, but is actually ice cream.”

Pinterest fact:  This board was entirely devoted to prank foods that look like other food.

heed my warning:  if try to trick me by giving me mashed potatoes with my dinner but it’s actually ice cream on the same plate as my pot roast – i will kick you. 

Bacon Roses

30 Jan

Spinning for 3 days

Described as “Bacon Roses!  Yummy!”

Pinterest fact:  People who get these as presents end up having this type of hero.

i didn’t realize paula deen had started a line of valentine’s gifts

10 Days of Bieber

25 Jan

on the tenth day of bieber my pinterest gave to me…

Spinning for 11 days

Described as “A Bieber cake and an army of Bieber cupcakes.”

my worst nightmare come true.  a bieber army.  and i deserve to get carried away by them to bieber hell for putting you sweet readers through the ten days of bieber.  my apologies.

10 Days of Bieber

24 Jan

on the ninth day of bieber my pinterest gave to me…

Spinning for 1 day

Described as “more Justin Bieber on the side, like little portholes of awesome.”

is it even legal yet to think about justin bieber’s portholes?

Mermoms and Einstein

23 Jan

Pinterest fact:  The below three pins were all pinned to the SAME “Images That Move Me” board. 

Spinning for 1 day

Described as “Mermaid mommy”

Spinning for 15 weeks

Described as “I love mermaids”

Spinning for 16 weeks

Described as “I love Albert Einstein”

it’s not often that the a person who is moved by images of mermoms (which aren’t real, just fyi) is also moved by the most famous theoretical physicist.  something’s fishy here.  no pun intended.

10 Days of Bieber

21 Jan

on the seventh day of bieber my pinterest gave to me…

Spinning for 12 days

Described as “This cake is just made of win.”

do i even need to write comments when her descriptions are so enjoyable?

10 Days of Bieber

20 Jan

on the sixth day of bieber my pinterest gave to me…

Spinning for 9 days

Described as “This one is lame because it’s written on paper.”

yup.  that’s why its lame.  because it’s written on paper.  not because it’s a birthday cake made for justin bieber by two girls who don’t know him. 


20 Jan

Spinning for 1 day

Described as “Gourd art Lighthouse The Gourdons of Gourdonville by Gourdonville, $25.00”

Pinterest fact:  This is for sale.  You read that right.  This. Is. For. Sale.

listen, i’m not going to buy this until somebody tells me what’s going on in that upstairs window.

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