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Jean Purse

28 Feb

Spinning for 50 repins

Described as “If only I could sew”

Pinterest fact:  One commenter provided an email address for her grandmother who makes and sells these while another commenter mentioned that her 6 year old made one at camp.

rule of thumb:  if grandmothers and 6 year olds are the experts on the project you’re eyeing, then maybe you should try another project.

i’d like to just quote one pinner who said “it’s got everything! red and denim! woop woop!”  woop, woop indeed.


Tampon Lights

16 Feb

Spinning for 1 day

Described as “Tampon holiday light decorations!”

Pinterest fact*:  One pinner pinned this off of our “D.I.Why?” board to her “Crafty-kins” board.

this is the one situation where i am firmly against red holiday lights


*one pinner had this pinned to her “March 2012 Sister Supplies Board” – a board promoting a donation drive that provides feminine hygiene products to women who would otherwise not be able to afford them.  it’s a pretty cool idea – i never even thought about the fact that some people have to go without these.  for more information about the drive click here, or to follow this board and her other charity driven boards on pinterest click here.


Outlet Art

9 Feb

Spinning for 10 weeks

Described as “Hand painted outlet covers and switch plates!”

Pinterest fact:  No one seems to know who that couple in the bottom left is or why you would want to use them as decor.

no surface in a house is safe once a woman gets on pinterest. 

Vintage Photo Jar

2 Feb

Spinning for 5 bazillion repins

Described as “DIY Vintage Photo Mason Jar”

Pinterest fact:  If there is a mason jar and the word “vintage” involved, it’s going to be a home run on pinterest.

so, this is suppose to look vintage? did people used to decorate their homes like a biology lab? cause unless there’s a cow’s eyeball floating in formaldehyde next to it, i see no reason to display anything floating in a jar of oil.

Bed Spring Art

1 Feb

Spinning for 13 days

Pinterest fact:  This board is all about diy’s using old bed springs.

finally! a use for the plethora of bed springs i’ve been keeping in the closet.

Fabric Mousepad

31 Jan

Spinning for 6 repins

Described as “I do need a mousepad”

Pinterest Fact: thankfully this mousepad requires Modge Podge to make it

ya, I need a mousepad too, for when i jump in my delorean, hit 88 mph and go back a decade

Vacuum Lamp

17 Jan

Spinning for a few minutes

Described as “For the truly creative, turn your old vacuum cleaner into a lamp!”

Pinterest fact:  this was pinned to a board titled “CHORES” by a pinner who also has a board titled “Dreaming of a Chicken”

sometimes i think people confuse the words creative and stupid.

Watermelon Party Animal

10 Jan

Spinning for 50+ repins

Described as “Camping Party”

Pinterest fact:  This was pinned to one pinner’s “Glamping” board.

ain’t no party like a stab-your-hand-with-a-toothpick party cause a stab-your-hand-with-a-toothpick party don’t stop…. 


Emergency Corkscrew

5 Jan

Spinning for 11 repins

Described as Emergency (i.e., missing corkscrew) Survival Kit: door-stopper

Pinterest Fact: this was pinned to a “words to live by” board

i just want to know who needed wine so badly that they discovered you could unscrew your doorstop from the wall and use it as a corkscrew.  my money’s on david hasselhoff.  or anyone who’s ever been dumped by ryan gosling.

Q-Tip Dolls

4 Jan

Spinning for 8 weeks

Described as “q-tip dolls tutorial”

Pinterest fact:  some people need tutorials when they shouldn’t

hey crazy q-tip doll ladies, meet crazy doll wig lady.  you guys are gonna be great friends.


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