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Cleaning Supplies Gift

22 Feb

Spinning for 2 days

Described as “gift for the person who has everything”

Pinterest fact:  this is the worst gift idea on pinterest

here’s a little pop quiz:  the person who recieves this will    a) assume you think they are dirty  b) cry when they realize it’s not a gag gift with something awesome hidden in the bottom of the bucket  c) punch you in the face  d) all of the above.  i think we all know the answer.


Snowman Cheese FAIL

15 Dec

Spinning for more repins than I can keep up with

Describes as “snowman cheese ball”

Pinterest Fact: a search for snowman cheese ball will result in this image as well as….oh you’ll see

look, i’m an American, who wouldn’t want to eat giant balls of cheese lovingly crafted into a snowman…happy hoildays to my tummy, its beautiful!  but i just want to know who let these other snowmen get drunk on new years?  cheesy snowman FAIL

Described as “something worth eating” and “snazzy”

mom, was it something i did, why did frosty have to die? or was it the weight of having a cheeto for a nose that did him in? 

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