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Members Only Sock

14 Feb

Spinning for 21 repins

Described as “Jeny’s Surprisingly stretchy bind off”

Pinterest fact:  Pinterest can teach you how to make socks for all kinds of …ahem…things.

what a special valentine’s gift – keeping him warm and cozy in all the right places


Mini Muffins

13 Feb

Spinning for over 372 repins and counting

Described as Mini Corn Dog Muffins

Pinterest Fact: pinned to boards like “yummy” and “for the boys”

is it just us, or does this picture look………weird? boobs. nipples. that other thing.  look away mini muffin, look away.

Knit Womb

6 Feb

Spinning for 2 days

Described as “doesnt every girl need a knitted womb”

Pinterest Fact: the perfect shade of pink yarn was selected for this project

Submitted by the great BobbyeJo

perfect girls night craft, am i right? nothing says fun like knitting, and nothing says girls night like a uterus

Dirty Bread Bag

1 Jan

Spinning for 1 week

Described as “Bag in a pocket tutorial”

Pinterest fact:  This is obviously the best possible arrangement of a baguette and two pieces of fruit. 

it must be a good bag tutorial, look how happy it’s making that bread

Boobie Beanie

8 Dec

Spinning for 5 weeks

Described as “boobie beanie”

Pinterest fact:  No interesting facts here.  It is what it is.

i’m not sure if this is awesome or disturbing.  all i know is i can’t stop staring at the nipple and i hope i’m never again in a situation where i have to say that.

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