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Super Bowl Platter

27 Feb

Spinning for 9 repins

Described as “The Ultimate Super Bowl Party Planner “

Pinterest Fact: This is a service announcement from the pinterest spell check police: It’s not spelled Planner, it’s a Platter

Found on a lead from my dear friend Rozie

i know the super bowl has come and gone but this stadium of deli is still standing.  omg, that’s a wall of meat, a WALL OF MEAT


Potato Palm

24 Feb

Spinning for 30 repins

Described as “Veggie Palm: potato, carrot, and green bell pepper”

Pinterest fact: this was pinned to one board called “Just Kewl”

i’m not sure what is happening here and why 30 people on pinterest are telling me that i’m supposed to eat this at a party and call it “kewl,” no my friends this isn’t just kewl, its FOOD ART

at least that’s what my coworker called it, art

Turtle Burger

18 Jan

Spinning for 9 weeks and over 50 repins

Described as redneck turtle burgers

Pinterest Fact: pinned to an “almost too pretty to eat, almost” board 

Submitted by my fab sis n’law Heather

dadgumit that there is the perttiest bacon wrapped cheddar ground patty hand slit hot dog fingers with a  turtle head i ever did seen, almost.  lets eat. lets puke.

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