Mini Muffins

13 Feb

Spinning for over 372 repins and counting

Described as Mini Corn Dog Muffins

Pinterest Fact: pinned to boards like “yummy” and “for the boys”

is it just us, or does this picture look………weird? boobs. nipples. that other thing.  look away mini muffin, look away.


Naked Pregnant Art

13 Feb

Spinning for 22 repins

Described as “Amazing.”

Pinterest fact:  This was pinned to several “Baby Shower Idea” boards. 

i’m sorry to do this to you on a monday – but imagine finding this image of your mom 30 years later.  pregnant.  naked.  and body painted.  with a giraffe.  you’re welcome.

Trapped Doll

10 Feb

Spinning for 10 days

Described as “Vintage Doll Trapped in Magic Storm Wax Vial”

Pinterest fact:  This was on a board titled “Things I Adore”

so unless this girl is pinning from inside an institution, she is living alongside the rest of us.  i’m going to buy a stranger danger whistle.

Outlet Art

9 Feb

Spinning for 10 weeks

Described as “Hand painted outlet covers and switch plates!”

Pinterest fact:  No one seems to know who that couple in the bottom left is or why you would want to use them as decor.

no surface in a house is safe once a woman gets on pinterest. 

Water Proof Shower

8 Feb

Spinning for 47 repins

Described as “Put Rain-X on your Shower Doors to Make Water Bounce Right Off”

Pinterest fact:  Among the boards this was pinned to are “Wanna Make” and “Favorite Sayings”

if you think this is a good tip, i have an even better one for you – shower doors were made to get wet.  you’re welcome.

French Fry Lip Balm

7 Feb

Spinning for 10 repins

Described as “French fry lipbalm #lips #yummy”

Pinterest fact:  These pinner’s significant others are the next contestants on The Biggest Loser.

use this with caution.  i’ve been on a diet for a while and might eat some one’s face if it smelled like french fries.  i can’t be the only one.

Flower Pups

6 Feb

Spinning for about a day and 10 repins

Spinning for 3 repins

Pinterest Fact: people like cute things made out of more cute things to look cute

nothing says i’m thinking about you like a gift basket of flowers…that look like a dog that got its face blown off

Knit Womb

6 Feb

Spinning for 2 days

Described as “doesnt every girl need a knitted womb”

Pinterest Fact: the perfect shade of pink yarn was selected for this project

Submitted by the great BobbyeJo

perfect girls night craft, am i right? nothing says fun like knitting, and nothing says girls night like a uterus

Scary Nursery

3 Feb

Spinning for 35 repins

Described as “luv the fake heads”

Pinterest fact:  This is what nightmares are made of.

so, we are all aware that this sight in the middle of the night would even make grown ups pee their pants, right?  the real question though is now that we know at least 35 people are thinking about decorating their nurseries this way, what are we going to do about it???

Don’t Mess With My Ice Cream

3 Feb

Spinning for 8 days

Described as “lce Cream Potatoes… looks like potatoes, but is actually ice cream.”

Pinterest fact:  This board was entirely devoted to prank foods that look like other food.

heed my warning:  if try to trick me by giving me mashed potatoes with my dinner but it’s actually ice cream on the same plate as my pot roast – i will kick you. 

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