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Crying Jesus

27 Dec

Spinning for 1 day

Described as “Crying Baby Jesus'”

Pinterest fact:  This was found on one pinner’s “Gift Ideas” board

whoa.  i bet baby jesus wasn’t the only one crying when this present was opened.


Momsicle Dogsicle Showdown

9 Dec


Spinning for 10 repins as of 12/9/11

Described as “a popsicle made with breast milk”

Pinterest Fact: fav comment “please don’t tell me anyone would be dumb enough to do this”


Spinning for just one day

Described as “throw in a few of your pooches favorite toys or treats, freeze and place on the base for hours of frosty enjoyment.  It’s like a giant dogsicle”

Pinterest Fact: this is the saddest dog on the internet

ladies! ladies! why are we trying to freeze everything? take the dog toys and the breast milk and slowly back away from the deep freeze

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