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10 Days of Bieber

19 Jan

on the fifth day of bieber my pineterest gave to me…

Spinning for 8 days

Described as “This is a work of art.”

a work of art indeed.  if we’re using the term “art” loosely.  like as loosely as the term “reality” is used for the kardashians.


10 Days of Bieber

18 Jan

on the fourth day of bieber my pinterest gave to me…

Spinning for 7 days

Described as “I think the frame isn’t edible.  So that’s lame.”

Pinterest fact:  It seems that there is a bad pinterest habit of not knowing how to spot edible things.

wait, wait, wait… she “thinks” the frame isn’t edible?  so does that mean there’s a chance she would’ve tried to eat it had she been at this party?  i like to think it does.

10 Days of Bieber

17 Jan

on the third day of bieber my pinterest gave to me…

Spinning for 6 days

Described as “The fanshot cake. Notice that the photo is left UNTOUCHED by cleverly placing the words on the SIDE of the cake.”

Spinning for 6 days

Described as “This is not a fanshot cake, but actually, a FAKE fanshot cake. IE, they’ve photoshopped that little girl in next to Bieber.”

this pinner may have let their excitement about the writing on the side of the cake cloud their judgement, but i’m no fool.  that first fanshot cake was a fake too.  and i’m pissed.

Ode to Bieber

11 Jan

Spinning for 79 pins and 53 followers

This board is dedicated to Justin Bieber birthday cakes.

i’m not sure what’s worse, the fact that this many justin bieber birthday cakes are being made, or the fact that this chick is chronicling and critiquing them.  but what i do know is that there is some prime pinthetailest material on this board which gives me no choice but to start THE 10 DAYS OF BIEBER.  so stay tuned and get excited.

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