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Another Bra Purse

23 Dec

Spinning for 35 weeks

Described as “its a bra purse!”

Pinterest fact: using the actual bra straps and padding help keep the purse “bra looking” 

just in case you need any last minute gift ideas that you can pull out of the back of your underwear drawer



Bra Purse

8 Dec

Spinning for 19 repins as of 12/8/11

Described as “Recycle an old bra!”

Pinterest Fact: started on a “funny” board but moved to boards like “HOW CUTE!!” and “Products I Love”

look grandma i made you something i used to boob sweat in

Bra Garden

7 Dec

Spinning for 6 weeks

Described as “bra!!!”

Pinterest Fact: one pinner pinned this to her fashion board

excuse me while i dig the dirt out from between my boobs right now, friend deal breaker

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