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23 Dec

Spinning for 25 weeks in a variety of DIY tutorials

Described as “Chapstick”

Pinterest fact: one pinner pinned this to her “Mexico Destination Wedding” board

i’m worried that if she finishes a whole tube of chapstick that she made herself while at her wedding on the beach in mexico, her head is going to explode and ruin that dream dress she also found on pinterest


Please Kick the Bucket Lists: Part Two

21 Dec

Spinning for long enough to make me feel really good about myself for not having a bucket list board

Described as “Bucket List”

Pinterest Fact: the median age for pinterest bucket list pinners is 13  (I hope)

a sample pack of the bucket list of lowest possible expectations.  someone go to the nearest street corner and buy that poor girl a starbucks coffee

Please Kick the Bucket Lists: Part One

20 Dec

Spinning for long enough to annoy the crap out of me

Described as “Bucket List”

Pinterest Fact: I don’t care about every single thing you’ve ever wanted to do in your life

Submitted by: my fab sis n’ law Heather

these can fall into the category of offensive, ridiculous, or just plain ol’ not something you can control about your life so its dumb to make it a goal.  there i said it, dumb, dumb, dumb.  please stop pinning these…..pleeeeeeeeeeease, i’ll get an eskimo to give you a puppy for a present if you do

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