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Trapped Doll

10 Feb

Spinning for 10 days

Described as “Vintage Doll Trapped in Magic Storm Wax Vial”

Pinterest fact:  This was on a board titled “Things I Adore”

so unless this girl is pinning from inside an institution, she is living alongside the rest of us.  i’m going to buy a stranger danger whistle.


Hanky Panky

13 Jan

Spinning for about an hour

Described as “great underwear made from hanky”

Pinterest Fact: people are really into dolls

yup, its underwear for a doll.  made from a handkerchief.  a doll wearing underwear made from a handkerchief photographed in a pose. it’s a doll wearing handmade underwear. made from a handkerchief. underwear for a doll. doll underwear. what is happening?!?

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