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The Death of Keep Calm

12 Dec

Spinning for entirely too long

Described as “keep calm and”… any action you, your mom, your 2 year old, or even your dog can think of

Pinterest fact:  everyone on planet earth has seen these

keep calm poster.  1939-2011.  rip.


Single Use Ointment

9 Dec

Spinning for 176 repins so far

Described as “Single Use Packs, made using straws and a lighter. Great for traveling!”

Pinterest fact:  Several people had this pinned to their “genius” board

so let me get this straight – you’re going to buy straws, cut them up, burn one end of each with a lighter, squeeze in ointment to each, burn the other end with a lighter, clean the ointment off the edges, put in your purse and hope you have scissors handy when you need to use it – all to avoid having to carry around that GIANT 1 oz. tube of neosporin????

Boobie Beanie

8 Dec

Spinning for 5 weeks

Described as “boobie beanie”

Pinterest fact:  No interesting facts here.  It is what it is.

i’m not sure if this is awesome or disturbing.  all i know is i can’t stop staring at the nipple and i hope i’m never again in a situation where i have to say that.

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