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Potato Palm

24 Feb

Spinning for 30 repins

Described as “Veggie Palm: potato, carrot, and green bell pepper”

Pinterest fact: this was pinned to one board called “Just Kewl”

i’m not sure what is happening here and why 30 people on pinterest are telling me that i’m supposed to eat this at a party and call it “kewl,” no my friends this isn’t just kewl, its FOOD ART

at least that’s what my coworker called it, art


Snowman Cheese FAIL

15 Dec

Spinning for more repins than I can keep up with

Describes as “snowman cheese ball”

Pinterest Fact: a search for snowman cheese ball will result in this image as well as….oh you’ll see

look, i’m an American, who wouldn’t want to eat giant balls of cheese lovingly crafted into a snowman…happy hoildays to my tummy, its beautiful!  but i just want to know who let these other snowmen get drunk on new years?  cheesy snowman FAIL

Described as “something worth eating” and “snazzy”

mom, was it something i did, why did frosty have to die? or was it the weight of having a cheeto for a nose that did him in? 

Meatloaf Cupcakes

12 Dec

Spinning for 2,814 repins

Described as “meatloaf cupcakes with mashed potato frosting”

Pinterest fact:  some pinners are planning to make these for april fool’s day – so watch yourself at parties this year.

worst.  birthday party.  ever.

Momsicle Dogsicle Showdown

9 Dec


Spinning for 10 repins as of 12/9/11

Described as “a popsicle made with breast milk”

Pinterest Fact: fav comment “please don’t tell me anyone would be dumb enough to do this”


Spinning for just one day

Described as “throw in a few of your pooches favorite toys or treats, freeze and place on the base for hours of frosty enjoyment.  It’s like a giant dogsicle”

Pinterest Fact: this is the saddest dog on the internet

ladies! ladies! why are we trying to freeze everything? take the dog toys and the breast milk and slowly back away from the deep freeze

Pigs in Blankets Wreath

8 Dec

Spinning for 4 weeks

Described as “It’s EDIBLE!!”

Pinterest fact:  Originally posted as “christmas decor”

i’m just so glad she told me it’s edible.  i was going to be sooo disappointed if it was just another fake pig in a blanket christmas decoration.

Spaghetti Dogs

7 Dec

Spinning for 485 repins as of 12.6.11

Described as “fun for the grandkids”

Pinterest fact:  one pinner pinned this to her “my style” board

if my style ever includes poking uncooked spaghetti through chopped up hot dogs, then i’ll know i’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere in life

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