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Glitter Toilet

27 Jan

Spinning for over 5000 repins, 5000!

Described as “I want one!, ” “glitter shitter,” “potty like a rock star,” “is this in the cullens bathroom,” “i own one and love it,” and the most important question “was this handmade or bought”

Pinterest fact: pinterest girls love glitter on EVERYTHING

great, now I’ll have to spend the rest of the day searching pinterest for the tutorial on how I can make this at home with my own DIY glitter and modge podge recipe


DIY Glitter

24 Dec

Spinning for 90+ repins

Described as “make your own glitter”

Pinterest fact:  glitter is on sale in any color anywhere in the world for 99 cents.

if buying salt, food coloring and aluminum foil and then making your own glitter is really saving you time and money, then you’re using entirely too much glitter for a grown up.

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