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Q-Tip Dolls

4 Jan

Spinning for 8 weeks

Described as “q-tip dolls tutorial”

Pinterest fact:  some people need tutorials when they shouldn’t

hey crazy q-tip doll ladies, meet crazy doll wig lady.  you guys are gonna be great friends.



Mason Jar Ode

20 Dec

Spinning for 13 weeks

Described as “Bathroom decor”

Pinterest fact: one pinner declared this to be “Brilliant!”

uhhhh, it’s a jar of cotton balls, and omg there are q-tips on top!  what pinterest loves more than q tip crafts, is mason jar decor, only to be topped by a continuous feed of ryan gosling images

Q-Tip Ornament

13 Dec

Spinning for 2 days

Described as “awesome dollar store ornament!”

Pinterest fact:  this is apparently a “totally chic” copy of a high end ornament design

pssssst….. i can still tell its just q-tips stuck in a styrofoam ball

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